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Printed vs digital business cards, which is better and why (pros and cons)

Although many aspects of business in becoming digital now (or already became), some people still prefer the printed business card over the digital one. Everyone has his own reasons, but this made us wonder: is one of them better than the other? Or they are equal, even in this digital era today?
Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of printed and digital business cards and the reasons that make some people prefer one over the other.

Business card basics

Business cards are still an important part in face to face networking. It gives the first and short impression of your brand.
Usually, digital business cards cost only the subscription of the app. However, the cost of printed cards depends on the quantity demanded in addition to the printing specifications.
Also note that printed cards tend to have a high ROI against low cost, only in case it helps you close a deal.

Generally, business cards must include these data:

  • Name
  • Job Title
  • Company Name
  • Mobile
  • Email
  • Website
  • Physical address

If we have more space we should consider these things:

  • Company Logo
  • Personal Photo
  • Company Moto or slogan
  • QR Code
  • Social media links
  • If you have started collecting cards on your disk, you should consider taking this personal data and add it into your CRM or add them on Linkedin.

    Printed Business Cards

    Pros of using printed cards

    1. Ability to create an attractive brand design, which can be printed in all sizes, colors, and shapes.
    2. Can be given as a gift at events and occasions.

    Cons of using printed cards

    1. Impossible to update the contact data (like emails and phones) once printed.
    2. You can only carry a limited amount of cards which you may run out of.
    3. You need a professional designer to design the card
    4. Maybe it’s not a big deal to you but it’s a feature in the digital cards since you don’t need a designer to create the card.

    Digital Business Cards

    Pros of using digital cards

  • Ability to share your details easily with your connections directly
  • Easier for passing data digitally, which also allows sharing images, videos, and social links
  • It makes you look more professional in front of your clients since you use the most recent digital way which is better than the printed ones.
  • Much better in updating data, Connect app allows you to update your data and notify your connections that you made an update
  • There’s a list of more special benefits and advantages we prepared for you, read it from here.
  • Cons of using digital cards

    Not having good wifi connections might make trouble in sharing your data(but you will not find this obstacle in Connect)
    Some apps are paid only which might cost you more money in the long run(not in Connect too, since you can always use the fully free version for persons).

    Why not Both

    Sure, there’s a way to take the best in both of these worlds, if you already have a business card with a QR code, there are apps you can use to scan this person’s data and save it in the app.


    In the end, if you use printed or digital business cards, as long as you benefit from the networks and connections you are making, you’re using it right.

    As said above, we now know how important it is to have a digital business card. Are you ready to digitalize your work by using a digital card? Create your personal or work card now using Connect App.
    We encourage you to try Connect and enjoy these benefits. We are usually updating our app with new features, and new UI/UX to make the benefits list bigger.
    Download the app for free now:


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