Digital Business Card

how to create a digital business card on connect
how to create a digital business card

Digital business cards are exactly as important as printed cards, in fact, it’s even more important after the pandemic as it has a lot of features like:

  1. Low cost and in some cases no cost as in Connect app
  2. Easiness of sharing data
  3. Ability to edit card details
  4. Ability to create more than one card
  5. Ability to create an unlimited number of connections

And there’s more, we prepared a list of a lot of benefits and advantages that you get when using digital cards.
And if you wanted to read more about digital vs printed digital cards, you should read this post: printed vs digital business cards, which is better, and why

Now how to create a digital business card

1- Choose the right application

choose the right digital business cards application which is connect

Choosing the app is very important because it will determine the cost you need and the benefits you get. Here we choose Connect which contains benefits like:

  • The app has a free version and paid version
  • You can create an unlimited amount of cards and track created connections separately
  • You can share your card through the app, scanning, or the internet (this is very important especially when sending emails to people outside your network)

2- Create a user account

create user account on connect application

Creating an account differs from creating a card because in the account you can create as many cards as you want, all you need to create an account is to enter your name, mobile, email, and password, and your account is created

3- Creating a business card

Create your first digital card on Connect

After registering your account, on the home page click add card then start adding details that you want to show on your card, like your name, job title, company name, mobile, email, social media links, you can also choose a color theme that’s close to your logo and click add card. You can also change the image attached with the card to contain your personal photo or your company logo. And with that you are done with creating your card, you can repeat this step to add more cards if you want.

4- Connecting with people

Connect with people and exchange business cards using Connect app

When you connect with new people and want to add them to your network, all you need to do is open the selected card from the home page, then click connect and your QR code will show, you can let your connection scan it or you can scan it yourself from the other phone. Once you scan the code, the connection will be created and you will be updated by the person’s data at the moment they update their data.

5- Networking with Connections

Network with your created connections and stay updated about any contact data they change in their business cards

To view the connections that you built all you have to do is open that card that you want, then choose the connections tab, then choose the person you want to reach out to, now the app will show you all the data they want to share with you, you can call them, send an email, visit their website or company profile or any other link he offers

6- Finally, Invite your Friends

Invite your friends to connect digital business card

Invite your friends to get the benefits you are getting for free and in case you referred a friend that needs a paid subscription for companies or to get more benefits like exporting or integration with CRMs and other tools then you will get a thank you bonus cash from us to your account balance, you can withdraw this cash or use it in your upcoming subscriptions>

As said above, we now know how important it is to have a digital business card. Are you ready to digitalize your work by using a digital card? Create your personal or work card now using Connect App.
We encourage you to try Connect and enjoy these benefits. We are usually updating our app with new features, and new UI/UX to make the benefits list bigger.
Download the app for free now: From Here


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