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11 benefits of using a digital business card

In the old days, I used to keep a folder that contains all the business cards I take from my new network connections especially at work (i think a lot of people used to do this stuff too), but things are not the same these days, I don’t keep this folder any more nor the printed business cards. These days the benefit of using digital business cards is more than the printed and increasing over time, it’s increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of business activities implementation and building connections with customers. If we think more about this idea, we will realize that most of the benefits and advantages of using digital business cards are in fact disadvantages and defects of printed business cards.

Let’s see some of the digital business cards benefits and advantages:

1. Low Cost

When using digital business cards we don’t need a professional designer to design the card, and also no printing costs unlike the printed business cards, so the cost is too much lower and in some cases, no cost since some apps are totally free.

2. Unlimited

When printing cards the numbers are limited according to what you can carry so if you finished this amount on an occasion you won’t have the ability to give more cards to your new network. But this doesn’t exist in digital business cards since you can connect with an unlimited number of connections.

3. Saving Time

Since you don’t have to wait till the designer finishes the design and wait for printing especially when you’re in a hurry for an occasion and want to give your card to new connections. You can create your digital card in less than 2 minutes. You can do it now while you are sitting in your home or work, which will save a lot of time.

4. Easily updating data

If you mistakenly wrote a single wrong letter or number in any of the card data and printed it, all you can do is throw all these printings away, fix the typo, and reprint the cards, while in digital cards even if you made a connection and then realized you made a mistake, you can simply update it, and your network will get a notification about your updated data. This results in on-time updated phones, emails, and all data without any extra work, this is one of the best features in Connect App which doesn’t exist in all apps.

5. Professional first impression

Some digital business card apps allow you to include videos, images, and links related to your work. This helps in showing your brand’s story. It makes a very good first impression on your customers.

6. Environment friendly

Since we don’t need paper printings. Some studies show that more than 88% of printed cards are thrown away in less than a week. It might be missed or thrown after taking the data, so we better save the trees and environment.

7.Easy access and storing

You don’t have to remember taking it with you on occasions, you just need to remember your smartphone. About storage, as I said at the beginning of the post that I don’t keep my cards folder anymore, and I think you don’t too. With the app you can save all the cards with you at home, work, or wherever you want, without needing any space for storing the cards which might already contain old, not updated data.

8. Ability to create more than a card

In some cases, you might have more than one job, and therefore you will need more than one business card, in this case through Connect you can create an unlimited amount of digital business cards with keeping every connection related to their own card, and therefore you can easily know in which occasion you connected with this person.

You might find some of the benefits stated in apps other than Connect, but the following features you will not probably find in other apps, with a focus on the importance of these features to your work

9. Easily extracting data

Connect allows you to easily extract data into an excel file so you can use it later in your marketing campaigns, you can use it in SMS campaigns or email marketing campaigns for example

10. Ability to control company accounts

If you want to have a company account, then you can determine the permissions for each one of your company users. For example, you can decide if they can create more than one card or edit cards data like phones, emails, and other permissions.

11. Integration/Sync with other apps

If you have a CRM system like Prime CRM or you make email marketing, then in this case you will need to re-enter this data again to the other app, and sure you will have to update it whenever the data is updated. Connect gives you this feature to synchronize the apps so every connection you add will be added automatically to your CRM system or your email marketing tool. The app will also update data automatically when needed.

As said above, we now know how important it is to have a digital business card. Are you ready to digitalize your work by using a digital card? Create your personal or work card now using Connect App.

We encourage you to try Connect and enjoy these benefits. We are usually updating our app with new features, and new UI/UX to make the benefits list bigger.

Download the app for free now: http://primecodeeg.com/connectdownload


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